Equ'idées who are we? 

Equ’Idées’ fairytale started two years ago, by selling our handmade bonnets on our Facebook page. Our customers loved them so much that we had to do convert to a full time job, but it still wasn’t enough! More amazing people joined the team and we are always on the lookout for new talents. By popular demand, we started extending our range to saddle pads and working sheets. Hang on, we have more coming!

Our workshop is located in Pau, in the South-western part of France. Never heard of it ? We keep this gem hidden, nesteld between the Atlantic shore and the Pyrenean mountains.


All our production is made in France, by hand and with love, and we are very proud of it. Each of our products is made on demand, with just as much attention as on the first day.  This is to guarantee our customer of premium quality. 

Equ’Idées community is driven by two passions that we share with you: horses and the love of quality tack. We want to keep our company human sized and stay close to our customers.


Riders, catering riders needs.

At Equ’Idées, riders design all our products with the horse in mind. Before putting a product on the market, we make many prototypes and we test it ourselves to find the right shape and material. We have designed for you saddle pads with good wither clearance, bonnets that follow horse’s head curves, working sheets that aren’t bulky under the rider’s legs, and the list goes on…

Just as important, we use our products on a daily basis on our own horses to control


Des produits MADE with LOVE

All our products are hand crafted in our workshop in France, one by one. 


Very simple. We only pick the best!


For our saddle pads, we have chosen poly-cotton for the top layer, pre shrunk and slightly shiny, so that even dark colors are bright and will not fade.

Underneath we have picked honeycomb that wicks sweat away and dries fast. We chose cotton to keep natural material on the horse skin. The first inner layer is made of cotton wadding for the same reason, then followed by foam for its shock absorption abilities.

Their thickness has been studied to get the best balance between close contact and protection of your horse’s back.

            Our ear bonnets are all crocheted by hand.  We have elected Egyptian cotton, that is soft, durable and confortable. Ears are made of supple mercerized cotton.

            For our working sheets, we have selected softshell fabric as it combines properties of both waterproof fabric and polar fleece. As of all Equ’Idées products, they are customizable to match the rest of your equipment. No doubt they will take you through the winter in style!